Interested In Becoming a Prayer Partner?

This year we want to try something new and involve our students more. We’d love for every student receiving a sacrament to have a prayer partner who would be praying for them!

How does this work?

By finding adult parishioners who are willing to “adopt” a confirmation or first communion student. They would pray for them. That’s it. Participants may want to send birthday and holiday cards, but that’s just a bonus. (PLEASE, NO GIFTS!)

Information about the students and general information will be shared with the prayer partner. The student will know that you are praying for them throughout the year.

While this is a simple thing, it will be an important part of our sacramental ministry, as you ask the Holy Spirit to guide the education of this young person. Your faithfulness to this calling is important.

It’s not important that you know your student, but we hope that you will look for them in worship, and introduce yourself if you are provided that opportunity. They may not know you, but they will know your name, and that you have agreed to partner with them in this part of their faith journey.

For more information and to sign up, call Maryclare Stephens at (920) 979-4656 or email her using the sign up form.