Meet Father Miniatt


I have been serving St. Mary and Sons of Zebedee since June 18, 2019. My role of the parish priest is ultimately three-fold: teaching the faith, sanctifying God’s people by celebrating the sacraments with and for them, and governing with Christ-like love.

To share a bit more about myself: I managed my parents’ dairy farm my last three years of high school (my dad was a full-time engineer at the time). After high school (I was homeschooled all the way!), I entered St. Joseph College Seminary (Loyola University) in Chicago, where I studied for two years. After that, I transferred to the American College in Leuven, Belgium (Catholic University of Leuven), where I completed a Bachelor’s in Philosophy. The next educational stop was the Pontifical North American College in Rome, where I earned a Bachelor’s in Theology (STB) from the Gregorian University. After ordination to the priesthood, I continued to work on a License (think Masters in American terms) in Liturgy. It has taken longer than I wanted it to, but I am almost done!

There are many reasons I like being a part of the parish! I love the people of the parishes, and I find helping them to grow in holiness to be incredibly rewarding. I like that these are rural, small-town parishes that still have an intimate feel. I appreciate the beautiful, historic church buildings, since they help people to draw closer to God through the transcendence of the art and architecture.

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