This February take a look at these books to help deepen your relationship with Jesus.

For Adults

“Jesus, Friend of My Soul: Reflections for the Lenten Journey” by Joyce Rupp

“As Christians,” Joyce Rupp writes, “we look to the person of Jesus to learn from him.” Because our lives are filled to the brim with activity, it is easy to drift away from trying to live as Jesus did, and we find ourselves in need of time to focus on drawing close to him again and learning from his example. In Jesus, Friend of My Soul, Rupp guides us from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday illustrating both how Jesus called his followers to change and how his actions provide us a blueprint for growth.

For Families

“52 Sundays” by the Archdiocese of Detroit

52 Sundays is a dynamic guide to help you and your family reclaim the Lord’s Day with prayer, activities, food, and more! It offers simple and insightful ways for your family to spend time together each Sunday learning more about the Catholic faith and having fun while you’re at it.

This is free to view online or you can purchase the book at the link below.

For Children

“Through the Year with Jesus: Gospel Readings and Reflections for Children” by Katherine Bogner

With Gospel readings for each week of the liturgical year, along with tools for reflection, discussion, and prayer, Through the Year with Jesus offers endless opportunities for discovering who Jesus is and better understanding Catholic teaching about his life and mission.

This book was just released on February 1st and is available on Amazon.