View and submit the forms that need to be filled out to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Confirmation Covenant

The faith community of St. Mary & Sons of Zebedee Parishes invites you to prepare for your Confirmation in our Catholic Faith. We want you to discover and enjoy the life our parish shares…the life of the Spirit. We care about you, respect you, and want you to be an active member of our Christian community living as a disciple of Jesus. You will receive support and understanding from our Church leaders along with a sponsor and your family to guide you. If you are willing to take the steps and prepare for a fuller life in the Spirit, come journey with us in the preparation process. Please sign the covenant acknowledging you read the handbook and understand the requirements for Confirmation.

Prayer Partner

Each year we ask our parishioners if they would like to pair up and pray for our Confirmation candidates. They receive information about the candidate so a permission form is needed. Please sign this document as soon as possible. The candidates also receive the name of the person praying for them and can pray for their partner as well.

Confirmation Retreat

All candidates must attend a Confirmation Retreat. This year’s retreat will be on Sunday, January 7, 2024 from 9-5. Shepherd of the Hills in Eden is hosting the retreat. SPIRITUS MINISTRIES will be leading the retreat. Please fill out the Permission Form no later than DECEMBER 1, 2023.

Confirmation Name

Once you choose a saint, please complete the Confirmation Name Form on the button below by October 4, 2023.

Confirmation Sponsor

When you were baptized your parents chose Godparents, who along with your parents vowed to be responsible for your faith. As a confirmand, you now can choose a sponsor who is an active, practicing Catholic that will provide spiritual guidance and pray for you.

Confirmation Service Log

10 hours per high school year or total of 30 hours.